Why Botanical Beauty skin care? 10 compelling reasons

100% Natural vs Synthetic – which is best?

It definitely depends on where you sit on the subject of cosmetic safety. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies have an obligation to provide the general public with products that are uniform in texture, fragrance, colour & preservation and therefore their products contain mostly man-made ingredients that are within the accepted scientific limits of cosmetic safety. Many people still believe the “gospel” that is fed to them via scientific research without question, others however, are acutely aware of the growing concern about the long-term safety that many of these synthetic ingredients have on our health and DO ask questions. Remember, scientists and researchers do not always get it right and unfortunately it very much depends upon who is funding the research as to what information becomes advertising hype. While not all synthetics are bad (some are in fact very safe and beneficial to our health), we need to be able to make informed decisions about what we put into our bodies as well as what we put onto our skin, and the increasing number of organic food outlets and healthy alternatives that are now in high demand are testament to the fact that many of us are serious about making healthy choices. Botanical Beauty Co. offers a healthy choice in skin care for everyone… men, women & children, with honest, easy to understand ingredient listings and products that are incredibly effective at treating beauty concerns and minor skin ailments 100% naturally. Make the change? The choice is yours.

Why Botanical Beauty products benefit you

Studies have shown that over the long term, beauty blends made entirely from plant oils & extracts produces healthier, more beautiful skin than using synthetic products. The results of a clinical trial over 5 years indicated that in the short term, skin did benefit more favourably with the synthetic commercial brands in the first few weeks, however this was not sustained over the long term. The trialists who used the 100% natural blends showed far better results at the conclusion of the 5 year trial, suggesting that while the natural products took a little longer to show benefit, that those benefits were longer lasting.

A little bit about our ingredients

We always source the best quality oils, extracts, essential oils and raw materials from ethical and sustainable manufacturers and we never, ever use any product that is tested on animals.  To ensure everyone can make informed choices about the products they choose, we have included an “A-Z” of the main ingredients in our blends. Under each listing there is a brief description as well as the therapeutic benefits of each ingredient.
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